Things Which Were Not On My 2020 Bingo Card

Time for a feel good blog post after a special year.

Ready. Here you have my highlights.

    • making a talk about Test Driven Development in Test Automation.
      It is about Red Green Refactor and a lot more. I have not given this talk yet. But it lead to more …
    • exploring Test Driven Development or TDD in Test Automation. In Autumn I combined it with Visual Testing.
      It is all about turning TDD to the maximum level.
    • hearing recruiters talking about my blog posts.
      It took me 6 years to get here.
    • exploring accessibility on iPhone.
      This is a strange world. I never thought that I would type words with my eyes closed on a smartphone.
    • helping people in the Club of Ministry of Testing.
      Like a scout I got an Appreciated badge for the number of likes of my posts within a few months.
    • reviewing abstracts for conferences.
      I did not exspect that I would run out of proposals.

      Me hits F5 button]
      [No proposals were shown.]

    • Attending CoffeeOps London meetups organised by Abby Bangser.
      This was a great way to get more acquainted with DevOps.
    • posting a tweet about hiring, which got more than 7,000 views:
    • attending europe CITCON 2020.
      The online version was still free. For the die hards it was possible to order a T shirt.
    • Playing MTG Arena.
      This is a geeky thing ideal for social distance playing. I could not play with real cards, so digital cards were a good alternative. You know about that work life balance thing. This is about life.

      For the people interested in work: testers can be creative. In case you missed it I am a tester. I got to Platinum level 3 in Constructed without spending a cent from scratch within a half year.

    • Meeting people from abroad.
      This February I went to a conference desk and told that I had an appointment with Lisa Crispin. The lady behind the desk looking at me was probably thinking: “Yeah right.”

      I knew that Bob would join.
      Then Janet Gregory and Fiona Charles also joined.
      THAT was definitely not on my 2020 Bingo Card. For sure.