Translating Agile Testing Condensed the unconvential way – part 3

Obligatory summary

In the previous episode I figured out a faster way to translate Agile Testing Condensed from English to Dutch. I put the English text file on my iPhone. Then I used VoiceOver and Acrobat Reader to read the text aloud. Then I used Dictate to enter the Dutch text into a Note.

Reduction of language switching

For the translation I used the iPhone which could only handle one language at a time. I had to use the Rotor frequently to change the language of the screen reader. It was like switching a dial every ten seconds. I really wanted to skip the dialling.

Why should I restrict myself to one single device?
I could use one device for English and one device for Dutch. Every device keeps his own screen reader language during the whole translation.

My choice was to use the iPhone to read the English source text aloud and a PC for entering the Dutch target file.

Reduction of correction

The use of dictation was becoming a burden. There were so many typing errors, that I needed more time to edit the text. I read a strange Dutch word and then tried to find the right Dutch word. With four strange words in a long sentence, this was not the way to translate.

Another way to enter the text was the keyboard of the PC. No more correcting text by Dictating the text again and again. The PC had a proper keyboard, so what was I waiting for?

Choosing Fusion

On my Windows PC I had Fusion installed. It contains two programs. JAWS is a screen reader, Using the arrow keys on my keyboard I can listen to my translated text. It also speaks aloud the words I typed.

Combine this with Word. This text editor supports auto correction and spelling control. While typing I got enough feedback in case of typos. There are specific sound effects to make auto correction and mis spelling clear.

Note to my fellow Dutch citizens: Fusion is covered by your health insurance under certain conditions.

Another note to my fellow Dutch citizens: the screen reader NVDA is free, but users are requested to donate.

Did I still need Acrobat reader for the English file? Apparently not, so I started to use Notes on my iPhone again.

Then I added the translated sentence in Word with the Dutch text. On my return on my iPhone, I got a wonderful feeling. VoiceOver continued, where I had left the file the last time. That is an advantage of the cursor.

Finding the right sequence once again

This led to the following actions. The first serie was:

  • Set the screen reader language to English on the iPhone, open Notes with the English file on the iPhone, and go to the sentence to be translated.
    Use VoiceOver to speak the sentence aloud.
  • Set the language of the screen reader on the PC to Dutch. Open Word with the Dutch file and go to the end of the file.
    Use the keyboard to enter the text.

The second and following series were:

  • Switch to Notes with the English file on the iPhone and go to the sentence to be translated.
    Use VoiceOver to speak the sentence aloud.
  • Switch to Word with the Dutch file on the PC. Use the keyboard to enter the text.
    Use the keyboard to enter the text.
  • Rinse and repeat.

After the first serie, I did not need to open any file, find the right sentence, and set the right screen reader language. Was this a typical case of Agile Translating?

Final edit

After a few months it was time to check my translated work. I opened the English source file in Notes on the iPhone and the Dutch target file in Word on the PC. After a swipe I heard the English text. After a press on the keyboard, I heard the Dutch text.

Come to the Dutch side.